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Unequal Education

It is hard to believe but unequal education still exists in some parts of the United States. In the “Unequal education” documentary by Bill Moyers in 1992, it shows a lot of differences in educational opportunity of two New York junior highs in two different parts of the city, Riverdale and South Fordham. According to the video, there are multiple issues that affect the ability to teach and to learn in both of these schools. One of them being the lack of classroom equipment, the quality of the teachers, the lack of school facilities, and last but not least, the lack of advanced placement classes. At South Fordham, Lonnie learns and gets used to music by playing on the electric keyboard; on the other hand, James at Riverdale could have learned music by playing in a real band. Additionally, the lack of school facilities that makes students at South Fordham to play soccer, volleyball, and basketball indoor rather than outdoor as seen by those students at Riverdale. These two points prove…