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Creating Markdown Blog with ASP.NET and C# - Part 1

Introduction - In my previous post, I've discussed why Markdown is used widely by developers. If you haven't read it, you can find it here. In this post, I will show you how you can create a really simple blog with Markdown using ASP.NET and C#.

Technology Used
Visual Studio 2015 (see here)ASP.NET MVCC#Some Markdown files/contents - Knowing Markdown syntax is a plus.Resharper Ultimate (Optional, see here) - It is offered free for Student, but you'd have to renew every year. This is only used to ensure that your code is pretty.
Let's get started
Open up Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. In the Start Page that shows up, select New Project... If Visual C# is not the selected item on the left pane, open up Installed -> Templates -> Other Languages -> Visual C#.Under Visual C#, you can select different kinds of projects that you want to develop, i.e. WPF Application, Console Application, Blank App (Universal Windows), Class Library (Portable),etc. For this po…