Unequal Education

It is hard to believe but unequal education still exists in some parts of the United States. In the “Unequal education” documentary by Bill Moyers in 1992, it shows a lot of differences in educational opportunity of two New York junior highs in two different parts of the city, Riverdale and South Fordham. According to the video, there are multiple issues that affect the ability to teach and to learn in both of these schools. One of them being the lack of classroom equipment, the quality of the teachers, the lack of school facilities, and last but not least, the lack of advanced placement classes. At South Fordham, Lonnie learns and gets used to music by playing on the electric keyboard; on the other hand, James at Riverdale could have learned music by playing in a real band. Additionally, the lack of school facilities that makes students at South Fordham to play soccer, volleyball, and basketball indoor rather than outdoor as seen by those students at Riverdale. These two points prove…

Creating Markdown Blog with ASP.NET and C# - Part 1

Introduction - In my previous post, I've discussed why Markdown is used widely by developers. If you haven't read it, you can find it here. In this post, I will show you how you can create a really simple blog with Markdown using ASP.NET and C#.

Technology Used
Visual Studio 2015 (see here)ASP.NET MVCC#Some Markdown files/contents - Knowing Markdown syntax is a plus.Resharper Ultimate (Optional, see here) - It is offered free for Student, but you'd have to renew every year. This is only used to ensure that your code is pretty.
Let's get started
Open up Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. In the Start Page that shows up, select New Project... If Visual C# is not the selected item on the left pane, open up Installed -> Templates -> Other Languages -> Visual C#.Under Visual C#, you can select different kinds of projects that you want to develop, i.e. WPF Application, Console Application, Blank App (Universal Windows), Class Library (Portable),etc. For this po…

Managing Tasks on Android with Task Master

In a fast changing world, it is hard to keep track of things that require your attention. Things come in and out of your ordinary life in a fast pace and sooner or later, you will lose track of what needs to be done. In order to solve that problem, Task Master was introduced and developed to help you better managing your time and to stay on track of your life. Creating actionable items that you can track and mark them as complete as you tackle on each of them. Later on, you can also review each completed task and check how fast you finish them. Task Management has never been easier!
Task Master is currently available on Android devices running API 19 and above. It works best on phone. Display on tablet is small at the moment and there is plan to update layout on tablet.
Supported features:
- Creation of tasks
- Edit a previously created task.
- Delete a task.
- Mark task as complete.

If there are any issues or suggestions, please feel free to contact us

Check it out

Markdown vs. the World

A brief overview of Markdown - Markdown is a way of writing formatted document, similar to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), but simpler. It is a perl script that converts what you write, plain text, into HTML and render it beautifully. It does that under the hood and doesn't require folks to learn HTML or cascading style sheet (CSS.) Most importantly, it is free and open source.

The Web -Now, Markdown doesn't have that visually pleasing feel or super attractiveness compared to HTML and cascading style sheet (CSS) or "the Web." HTML and CSS have always been the main ingredients of the Internet. Let's face it, writing HTML is hard, especially for people that are not web developers or work in that field. Well, writing anything is hard, especially writing this post. You have to learn HTML language, know what tags do what in order to write something in HTML. With the Internet evolution, it has turned everyone of us into a writer. People write on their Facebook profil…

How Effective do Anti-virus Software Protect Us against Cyber-crime or Do They?

Internet has become an important ingredient to society. Everything revolves around the internet; from reading books to watching movies, from buying food to buying grocery, etc. Everything can now be done online with a click of a button. Wait, what about payment? Good question, banking is now online too! Huh, so you're saying all of my money is online? Correct, all of your money; all of them. Isn't that a little risky? Now we're talking. People have created these kinds of security measurements to protect our information. Antiviruses were created for that same reason. If everything can be accessed online, you can steal a lot of people's bank accounts through the web. What if you can fake a bank and ask people to wire you their money? That would be incredible! Just saying... How can we trust these so-called antiviruses? Uh, give me a moment here. I need to look that up...In fact, nobody is sure if they can trust these antiviruses. People just sort of do it. You see thos…

Macro Class. What!?

Yeah, you heard it right, Macro Class! What in the world. When I was working as an intern, I found out that Macro Class is a painless way to "generate" a class for you without any code. As you probably know, macro is a way that you can use to tell the compiler to replace some strings for you. When you do this:

#define VALUE 5
The compiler will go over your code and replace all the occurrences of VALUE (except when VALUE is inside a string) with the number 5. Now you can do that to a class. Think about times when you want to write a class without having to write a class. This guy isn't serious... Here's how:

#define ClassGenerator(_class_name_)\class _class_name_ {\public: \ _class_name_() {}\ ~_class_name_() { }\ std::string getResult();\}; He IS serious..
Now what can I do with this? A lot of thing!!! You can then use your newly created macro to create your class with a getResult() function. Wait, I need a declaration for this function, right? Here's how…

Whatever comes is alright - I'm ready, for the future now

One ship sails east,
and another west,
by the self-same winds that blow.
For it's the set of the sails,
and not the gales, that tells the way we go.