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Managing Tasks on Android with Task Master

In a fast changing world, it is hard to keep track of things that require your attention. Things come in and out of your ordinary life in a fast pace and sooner or later, you will lose track of what needs to be done. In order to solve that problem, Task Master was introduced and developed to help you better managing your time and to stay on track of your life. Creating actionable items that you can track and mark them as complete as you tackle on each of them. Later on, you can also review each completed task and check how fast you finish them. Task Management has never been easier!
Task Master is currently available on Android devices running API 19 and above. It works best on phone. Display on tablet is small at the moment and there is plan to update layout on tablet.
Supported features:
- Creation of tasks
- Edit a previously created task.
- Delete a task.
- Mark task as complete.

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