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Markdown vs. the World

A brief overview of Markdown - Markdown is a way of writing formatted document, similar to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), but simpler. It is a perl script that converts what you write, plain text, into HTML and render it beautifully. It does that under the hood and doesn't require folks to learn HTML or cascading style sheet (CSS.) Most importantly, it is free and open source.

The Web -Now, Markdown doesn't have that visually pleasing feel or super attractiveness compared to HTML and cascading style sheet (CSS) or "the Web." HTML and CSS have always been the main ingredients of the Internet. Let's face it, writing HTML is hard, especially for people that are not web developers or work in that field. Well, writing anything is hard, especially writing this post. You have to learn HTML language, know what tags do what in order to write something in HTML. With the Internet evolution, it has turned everyone of us into a writer. People write on their Facebook profil…